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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a kind of cancer that originates in the lungs. Lungs - two spongy organs in the chest that carries out the task of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

People with a smoking habit have the highest chance of getting lung cancer, though lung cancer can also happen in people who have nevermore smoked. The danger of lung cancer rises with the length of period and the number of cigarettes smoked. If someone quits smoking, yet after smoking for several years, he can significantly lessen the risks of contracting lung cancer.

Lung cancer can occur if a person has a long term of exposure to chemicals or other toxins.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

People suffering from lung cancer usually shows no symptoms and mostly gets to know about the disease in a later stage. Some people that notice symptoms, mistake them with less serious and acute illness.

Lung cancer symptoms include loss of appetite, voice changes like hoarseness, recurrent chest infections like bronchitis or pneumonia, lingering cough, shortness of breath, etc. Some more severe symptoms a person may experience associated with lung cancer comprise sharp chest or bone pain or coughing up.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The doctor recommends a few tests to look for cancerous cells and to rule out other conditions. Tests may include imaging tests like X-ray or CT scan, sputum cytology, a tissue sample (biopsy) in which depending upon the requirement doctor may perform bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy, or needle biopsy.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer treatment is based on several factors like cancer stage, patient's overall health, and preferences.

Surgery may be a choice if your cancer is limited to the lungs. If there is larger lung cancer, the doctor may advise chemotherapy or radiation therapy before surgery to shrink cancer. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also be done post-surgery to eliminate the risk of cancer cells leaving behind after surgery or that your cancer may recur. Lung cancer treatment usually requires the collaboration of medical specialists in many fields. These specialists may include surgeons, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonary therapists.

Dr. Jeenam J Shah is a pulmonologist from Gamdevi, Mumbai. He expertise in managing various respiratory & pulmonary diseases.