Allergic Rhinits

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Allergic Rhinits

Allergy is an outcome of the immune system reacting to a foreign material like pollen, bee venom, or pet dander. The immune system generates substances known as antibodies, in response to foreign particles.

When a person comes in contact with a certain type of harmless allergen, the body's immune system misunderstands it as dangerous and starts producing antibodies. Reaction to allergy can be inflammation of the skin, sinuses, airways, or digestive system. The severeness of allergies differs from individual to individual and can extend from insignificant inflammation to life-threatening emergencies like anaphylaxis. While most utmost allergies can't be cured, medications can benefit alleviate allergy symptoms.

Allergy Diagnosis

The doctor will perform a physical examination of the patient. He will probably request detailed answers to the questions about allergy signs and symptoms. To get details about the allergy and make an accurate evaluation, he may also ask to keep a detailed diary of symptoms and potential triggers.

Your doctor might also advise the subsequent tests.

Allergy Treatment

Dr. Jeenam Shah has been awarded a Diploma in Allergy and Asthma from the prestigious institute, CMC, Vellore - the only acknowledged Institute in the country to give such a fellowship. Dr. Shah has been trained in conducting and evaluating Allergy skin testing for diverse conditions such as allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma & acute urticaria. Dr. Shah has immense experience is such cases and is among a few pulmonologists in the city.